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Clean Digital are in the running for SIX UK Search Awards

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Published Date 01.11.2022

Hi, we’re Clean Digital, a specialist PPC agency based in (not so) sunny Edinburgh! Here’s a little insight into our recent journey with the UK Search Awards 2022.

To mark our 10th birthday milestone this year, we thought what better way to celebrate than to showcase the hard work of our fantastic team by entering the award of all awards…and “celebrate” doesn’t even begin to cut it when we found out we’ve been nominated for not one, not two, (or three, four, or five) but SIX UK Search Awards! *gasp*

Let’s rewind a couple of years. The world was in a state of uncertainty and unrest (trying my best to avoid “unprecedented” here), forcing companies to adapt quickly or get left behind. Sink or swim. At Clean Digital, we saw this time not only as a challenge, but an opportunity to learn, develop and evolve…hopeful that this would lead to growth and accomplishment.

Fast forward to 21st October 2022:

  • Our six UK Search Award nominations have just been announced. Over the moon.
  • We are now a team of 16 – an increase of 100% from 8 this time 2 years ago, boasting 8 different nationalities.
  • Our recent growth has allowed us to create new departments within our agency: a data & analytics team, and a marketing and business operations department. Thus, allowing us to diversify and enhance our service offerings.
  • We are consistently working with top, recognizable brands with long-term vision. We avoid flash-in-the-pan, get-rich-quick schemes.
  • Our team values and passion for the digital world have continued to surge exponentially – something we didn’t even know was possible back then!

To say we’re chuffed with how things are now compared to how things were would be an understatement.

So, which categories were we shortlisted for? And, what work did we submit to really put our best foot forward? Let’s break it down.

Clean Digital & Dobbies Garden Centres – Spring It On:

We’ve been working with Dobbies Garden Centres for almost 3 years now. During this time, our relationship has grown from strength to strength as we work with their amazing team to deliver and execute best in class PPC marketing strategies that help them to achieve their overall business goals and objectives.

We submitted our work on this campaign under 3 categories: Best Use of Search – Retail/Ecommerce (PPC), Best Use of Search – FMCG, and Best PPC Campaign. The overall goal for the campaign was to give Dobbies their ‘best ever’ Spring campaign, which for us meant maximising footfall across stores, allowing them to hit sales targets, driving visits and sales online, and to ensure that Dobbies was the market leader for Spring gardening. The campaign was a huge success, more than doubling our revenue target. Our campaign was meticulously planned over many months involving dozens of extremely talented people, and the hard work that went into the planning and execution delivered our best digital return to date. We championed a digital first campaign, allowing Dobbies to be a digital champion within the sector and outplace competitors both in search and social feeds, and also in terms of social growth which they will feel a lasting impact from for years to come.

Clean Digital & Arden University – Using Data to Educate PPC:

Arden University is one of our longest standing client relationships to date. We’ve had the privilege of working together since 2017! So, we were delighted to showcase our recent work together and submit it for 2 award entries: Best Use of Data (PPC) and Best Use of Search – B2C (PPC).

The ultimate goal was to increase Direct enrolments by 28%, with PPC a core acquisition channel to achieve this. Given the long consideration period that potential students typically have, we were ready to move away from a simple CPA bidding system to one which rewarded all conversion events based on how effective they are at driving overall enrolments. We implemented conversion value bidding (tROAS) based on the value of each different goal. We mapped a value for each goal completion across the funnel based on probability to enroll thereafter. With this information, we could design a value-based bidding (VBB) strategy that would consider – and optimise towards – users engaging at different funnel stages, attributing the keywords and campaigns their true value. The PPC application target was successfully exceeded and our value based link and bidding has shown a significant increase in Google Ads query tracked enrolments – pretty decent results! Arden is now the fastest growing university in the United Kingdom, and this has been helped by a comprehensive and data-led advertising presence across PPC platforms. It has been vital to identify which sessions are providing value to the university, and create a feedback system to ensure all queries with value are given the budget to perform.

So, that brings me to our sixth and final shortlisted award entry…Best Small PPC Agency. Well, I guess this speaks for itself really. Enough said.

Being shortlisted means so much, and winning would just be the cherry on top of a fantastic couple of years. From our output to our culture, to our growth and development, everything about Clean Digital seems to “click” (pardon the pun) seamlessly together.

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