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Webtures, Finalists at the UK Search Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 02.03.2022

Last year, as Webtures Digital Marketing Agency we attended the UK Search Awards in Best Use of Search Third Sector and Non-Profit & Best Low Budget categories. We were able to be finalists in these two categories. It was an incredible experience for us to participate in such a great organization. We wanted to attend the UK Search Awards to show the results of our efforts in the year. We had a great experience while winners were announced,  and we plan to enter the UK Search Awards even in more categories in 2022.

As the Webtures family, in the learning organization structure; We adopt a management approach that discovers and develops the talents of our innovative, open-minded, and goal-oriented teammates, increases their competencies, and adheres to the philosophy of ‘self-development’. We do this by adhering to our culture to further our success, which is based on our values, talented team, and quality service.

Valuable opinions, disruptive ideas, and innovative ideas are always very important at Webtures. Webtures culture is powered by team spirit which aims to improve tomorrow’s experiences.


We built our processes around quality and conversion optimization tests. Software, Design, Content, and User analysis are the stable parts of our online operation process.

We adopt agile methodology in all work processes – that’s why we are fast and flexible according to the changing needs of clients and the market.

When the customer has an external problem such as server, software, etc., we don’t leave them alone, we do whatever we can to help them.


We are the only SEO agency with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in Turkey.

Every project performed is checked by another member of our team.

With the “Webtures Orientation Book” we are accelerating the orientation process of our new teammates.


We adopt the principle “There are no perfect sites, there are sites with few faults.”

At the end of each month, we present a general evaluation report and set a strategy for the next month’s work.


With our expert team of 34, we can respond quickly to all of our customers’ needs.

Working reports are sent to our customers as soon as the work is done.

We can meet meeting requests quickly, depending on meeting availability and the intensity of Istanbul traffic.


We do not work with a second company from the same sector so, we do not work with your competitors.

You can stop working with us provided you give a notice one month in advance. Meaning we do not need your commitment.

If we remove any work we have done for any reason (such as if the site is closed, etc.), we perform compensation work for the next 6 months after the deal is terminated. We guarantee the confidentiality of your work with a confidentiality agreement.


With the SEO tools we use, we can display all the traffic sources of your competitors and develop a strategy accordingly.

With our Webtures SEO Studio (iOS) application, we allow our customers to track our operations from wherever they want.


Company Culture is the power that enables the company to survive with integrity and quality. 

We provide a Macbook Pro to every teammate.

Female teammates can use menstrual leave 12 days a year.

After being employed by the company, employees who learn an extra language receive a 400 TRY pay rise.

Employees who volunteer at any Non-Governmental Organization have 5 additional days of leave a year in order to carry out their volunteering activities.

No working on national holidays and Saturdays.

Non-Smoker employees are entitled to an additional annual leave off 4 days per year.

Our pregnant teammates can take 1 day off every month for a monthly routine examination.

Managers cannot contact employees about business matters outside of work hours.

Our teammates with children are allowed to share their excitement and support their children on the first day of school, and when receiving report cards.

Employees with a birthday to share receive that day with their loved ones.

On the first day of work, the insurance starts without exception.

There is no overtime requirement. Individuals plan their hours by themselves and works overtime accordingly.

All our employees’ receive private health insurance.

If the payday is on the weekends, the salaries are paid on Friday, not on Monday.

There is an open buffet breakfast organized every Monday morning.

Our weekly working hours are below the legal 45 hours.

Those who have completed 5 years in the company have an additional 2 weeks off.

The company has flexible hours, we work from the office/remote on an optional basis 5 days a week.
Learn more about our company culture.

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