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Net Natives and Edge Hill University: Eye-opening insights, real-time data and 360º CRM integrations

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 03.05.2022

Shortlisted in the 2021 UK Search Awards: Best Low Budget Campaign (PPC)

Education marketing agency Net Natives’ technology platform, Akero, was shortlisted in 2021 UK Search Awards: Best Low Budget Campaign (PPC) for their Something for Everyone campaign with Edge Hill University. 

Here we take a closer look at what made this particular campaign memorable and how the Akero platform was used to deliver outstanding PPC results on a tight budget. 

About Net Natives 

Net Natives is on a mission to change how students engage with higher education opportunities. By combining in-depth sector knowledge with creativity and technology, they’ve helped hundreds of institutions meet their marketing objectives and connect with students. 

Using Akero, their own revolutionary, AI-powered technology platform, Net Natives integrates advertising data with web, social and specialist third-party data. The platform gives client insight into student motivations, issues and trends, all of which are pulled from the opinions of over 100,000 students. 

Through a combination of data, technology and creativity, Net Natives aims to understand what students want at every touchpoint. Then, these insights are used to run effective marketing campaigns that boost enrolments, identify market share threats and maximise conversions. 

From eye-opening insights and enrolment attributions to real-time data and 360º CRM integrations, Akero brings several benefits that revolutionise how education institutions can approach their marketing strategies. 

Something for Everyone: Net Natives x Edge Hill University

Net Natives’ Something for Everyone campaign with Edge Hill University aimed to promote over 40 courses on a small budget. Not only did the campaign successfully attract new students, but it also saw a 461% lift from their initial CPC KPI. 

While a small budget poses many challenges, Akero was able to adapt to meet Edge Hill University’s precise needs, enabling them to achieve their campaign targets and smash their KPIs. 

“We continually push the boundaries of search and advertising to service our clients in the best possible way. Our nomination in the UK Search Awards is a huge testament to the creativity, strategy and innovation we fuel into every campaign to get the very best outcome. 

With results close to 500% over target, it’s safe to say a modest budget doesn’t need to stop anyone from achieving their marketing objectives.”

Connor Ward, Paid Media Manager, Net Natives

Net Natives’ advertising platform, Akero makes PPC and search marketing accessible to all education institutions, regardless of budget, resource or expertise. Get in touch with the experts at Net Natives today to find out more.

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