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ROAR Digital Marketing | UK Search Awards

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Published Date 31.10.2022

Who is ROAR?

ROAR Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

We offer managed PPC, SEO, content creation, Hubspot Marketing, and consultancy services, all geared around providing clients with tailored solutions leading to significant and sustainable business growth. 

We have our very own DIY SEO platform which supports micro and SME businesses to compete online, whilst developing their SEO skills.

In 2021 ROAR developed and launched the SEO Bomb® a unique service to help businesses skyrocket their rankings around one specific high-intent term.  A content strategy unlike any other has helped our clients and partner agencies write better content in a more structured and user-centric way. 

Our values

Here at ROAR, we pride ourselves particularly on removing any unconscious bias from our work whilst basing our strategy and objectives for each of our clients around data, marketing insights and overall client experience. 

We aim to simplify what at times can feel like an overwhelming sector of marketing for our clients and hope to demystify digital marketing and its many channels. This is in order to upskill our clients whilst we continue to support them and allow them to truly appreciate what is happening and why across their digital landscape. 

We offer an honest and supportive approach to our clients and speicalise in a variety of areas in the digital marketing industry. As specialists, we aim to provide our clients with tailored and success driven solutions to their digital marketing goals.

Our shortlisted entry 

Being shortlisted at The UK Search Awards 2022 means so much to us. Not only did entering the awards present us with a well-renowned platform to showcase our work and specialist knowledge but it was an excellent opportunity to network with other talented agencies and in-houseteams from businesses across the UK. 

The UK Search awards notably recognise expertise, talent and achievements of the search industry and to be included in the final shortlist is a real testament to the hard work the ROAR team has been doing in the last year. 

ROAR has graciously been nominated in not one but two of the categories on the night.

  1. Best PPC Campaign (SMALL)
  2. Best Small SEO Agency

With the energy market facing challenges each and every day as the cost of living crisis engulfs the UK, ROAR needed to create and execute PPC campaigns that were to an exceptionally high standard for our client Tritility. 

During our continued partnership with Tritility we have supported them with PPC efforts that have resulted in a 66% decrease in their cost per conversion on their site. We also successfully increased their daily lead volume by 440%.

We did this by conducting extensive and tailored keyword research into the energy industry. We were challenged by a tricky period in defining the terms used by domestic users and the business search data we collected. A 50/50 split was noticed between searchings but within such an experinsve area boasting a high cost per click, we We noticed a 50/50 split between searchings’, but in such an expensive area with a high cost per click, the pressure was on to ensure we resolved this quickly and professionally.

In order to achieve this, ROAR had to work closely with the client to walk them through our research developments and ad copy. This was crucial to ensure both the client and ourselves understood the industry terminology being used by their target audience which was included in our ads. This was to ensure that domestic users were fully aware that ther ads we’re not aimed towards themselves. We aimed to ensure that business users felt that the ad reflected exactly what they were searching for. 

We entered the UK Search Awards to showcase our hard work and fantastic results for our clients. We felt strongly that this was the ideal opportunity to present our skills and we hoped our campaign work with Tritility would secure us a spot on the shortlist and it did. Having watched the UK Search Awards come and go for a few years, we felt finally it was our time to give it a shot and how thrilled we are to have entered.

We have been fortunate to work on so many exciting and inspiring projects this year and are incredibly thrilled to be nominated and attending The UK Search Awards 2022. In particular we look forward to a fun filled evening and meeting so many other talented individuals and companies and hearing about their work.


The ROAR Digital Marketing team is ever growing. This year we doubled our team size and hope to continue this growth in the near future. We are based in the Cobalt Business Exhcnage in Newcastle surrounded by many other leading North East businesses and can’t wait to see how our success this year can expand further into 2023. 

To have our work supported, showcased, and lifted up by organisations like The UK Search Awards is a real tribute to all of our hard work and we are incredibly grateful.

Managing Director Michael Knowles said: “Being shortlisted for the UK Search Awards and being recognised amongst so many other industry-leading digital agencies is a big honour for us as a team, and shows the progress we’ve made over recent years.

To be shortlisted for not one but two industry-specific awards is incredible and a testament to the hard work of my team. We are incredibly grateful to the judges and UK Search Awards for the recognition of our work.

We look forward to meeting and sharing a beer with our industry peers at the awards ceremony in a few weeks.”

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