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Fanatic’s first time entering an award… and they’ve been shortlisted!

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Published Date 01.11.2022

Fanatic is a Design, Development and Digital Marketing Agency based in Bristol. We celebrated our 21st anniversary this year.

The UK Search Awards 2022 is the first time we’ve ever submitted our digital marketing work for an award. This isn’t because we doubted the quality of our work in previous years, but we simply never considered it – our clients were always more than happy with the results we produced for them, which was our main goal.

However, in 2022 we’ve seen our most successful marketing performance ever for a number of our clients. This is all down to the incredibly strong team we’ve built, with a wide range of skills and expertise across the digital marketing spectrum. So, we thought it was high time that we put ourselves out there for recognition of what we’ve achieved – and we’re so glad we did, as we have been named finalists in not one, but four different categories!

  • Best Low Budget Campaign
  • Best Local Campaign
  • Best Use Of Search – Health
  • Best Use Of Search – Travel/ Leisure

The two clients whose work we highlighted in our submissions are Effect Doctors and West Country Water Park. The former is a luxury IV drip and medical wellness brand based in Chelsea, while the latter is a watersports and recreation venue just north of Bristol.

We chose these two because of how impressively they represent how our work has boosted their brand and expanded their reach through SEO. For Effect Doctors, we focused on their most unique and lucrative service; their IV drip treatments. We reworked our SEO strategy to target not people who were searching for IV drips, but those who were searching for cures to ailments that the IV drips can help solve.

For example, we implemented keywords around ‘jet lag cure’/’hangover cure’/’weak immune system’, since most customers aren’t aware that IV drips exist to help with these issues. We made sure to map out the benefits of each drip in alignment with search intent and redesigned the product pages to include additional information which is broken down into easily digestible chunks. This includes a new FAQ section which was informed by Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ data.

To support the product optimisation project, we also created longer form blog articles to explore various health issues and explain how the IV ingredients target and treat them. These blogs were strategised using a content cluster framework, to strengthen our internal linking, expand our keywords and signal to search engines that we’re an authority on the subject of IV drips.

As a result of these SEO improvements, our total number of ranking IV-related keywords increased from 54 to 172, and 3 products which were not previously ranking at all have now become bestsellers. The average number of bookings from organic search has gone up from 3.5 to 14.7 per month, and year-on-year revenue from organic search has increased by 1567%.

For West Country Water Park, a large part of our digital marketing focus was on local SEO, since the vast majority of the attraction’s customers will be from the surrounding area. We spent a significant amount of time building out the park’s Google My Business profile and posting regular updates on there in line with our social media plan. We also worked with our Design team to create leaflets for distribution around Bristol, which helped boost our direct traffic and bring 8.5k new visitors to the website.

We created a suite of in-depth audience profiles in order to identify what each group of customers might be searching for, what platforms they’re likely to use and what type of messaging would appeal to them most. We then used these to inform our SEO and Content strategy, and to decide what information we would include on the website pages.

We found there were big opportunities to capitalise on watersports-related keywords in Bristol, Cardiff, Bath and Weston-Super-Mare. For example, 4,000 people were searching for ‘waterparks/aqua parks Bristol’ each month, and 500 were searching for ‘outdoor Bristol activities’. Once we’d aligned our content with these keywords, organic search became our biggest driver of bookings by far, and we saw revenue from SEO double in just a month.

Our team at Fanatic is immensely proud of ourselves for achieving these results for these two clients, and we’re now even prouder to have been recognised by the UK Search Awards 2022. We look forward to the awards ceremony in November!

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