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Meet Connected Search Agency, Honchō.

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Published Date 27.10.2023

A bit about us…

Honchō is an award-winning connected search agency.

We deliver outstanding digital marketing campaigns to maximise your website’s performance in search engines and convert more customers. We offer a connected search approach, combining SEO, Content Marketing, Digital PR, and Paid Media. As a Google Premier partner, you can be assured that our Paid Media team have the know-how and the experience to increase your ROAS from paid media channels like PPC, Shopping, Display and Paid Social.

Connected search ensures not only the efficiency of budget spend but also delivers an intelligent, audience-first approach to search.

Our connected search approach eliminates excessive and ineffective ad spend, allowing for reinvestment of budget in areas that will deliver greater impact.

We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted for six categories in the UK Search Awards:

One of the campaigns we’ve been nominated for is our ‘Nourishing Results for Natural Beauty Brand, Faith in Nature.’

Our objectives were to drive D2C growth within the UK market and drive profitable revenue growth at an ROAS of 300%, with a Search ROAS of 350% and Shopping ROAS of 200%.

Our strategy is to leverage the brand positioning to be visible in a saturated market, whilst considering the impact of cost of living and stockist activity, to drive visibility and conversions.

Faith In Nature stands out for the eco-friendly values that they embody at every opportunity. We needed a way to communicate their values whilst navigating a highly competitive landscape. To do this, our strategy was to:

  • Maximise visibility across all core brand terms to amplify existing brand awareness.
  • Restructure DSA campaigns to function as prospecting campaigns with page feeds and audience variations to reach in-market audiences who resonate with FINs values.
  • Taking a ‘test and learn’ approach to broad match keywords and using them to refine generic activity with long-tail keywords and smart bidding.
  • Re-allocation of wastage on underperforming activity to greater TOFU testing and investment into high-return channels.

We built two bespoke tools to implement our strategy, a Share of Voice (SOV) tool and a bespoke Price Competitiveness tool, with the PC tool built off the insights of our SOV data.

Our SOV tool tracked competitor impression share for PPC, visualising how aggressive competitors were over time. A problem we ran into when trying to visualise this data previously was the inability to break down auction insights in Looker Studio by Campaign/Ad Group.

Our tool allowed us to overcome this and separate how we viewed competitor activity into more meaningful segments. This gave us the capability to analyse and anticipate competitor trends and react to the data being collected. Identifying where visibility was low in comparison to competition also gave us an opportunity to focus on underperforming generic categories helping to grow non-brand sales.

Our bespoke Price Competitiveness report tracked how price competitive our products were on a daily basis, scoring products based on how much less or more expensive they were compared to other advertisers in the SERPS. Products are then ranked from 1 (cheapest in comparison to other advertisers) through 10+ (most expensive in comparison to other advertisers). Key metrics for each ranking were visualised to show the impact that price competitiveness had on product performance.

The results?

  • We increased D2C revenue by +59%
  • Year on Year we grew D2C revenue by +24%
  • Increased ROAS by +99%

Tactical Objectives:

  • Overall ROAS – 333% (vs. target 300%)
  • Search ROAS – 393% (vs. target 350%)
  • Shopping ROAS – 223% (vs. target 200%)

Read more about our work here.

We’re delighted to have been nominated for six UK Search Awards and are so pleased to have received recognition for the hard work and dedication from across the team. The UK Search Awards are arguably the most prestigious in the UK, and the accolades are a testament to the Honchō approach.

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