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From Shock to Rock: 16 nominations for Somebody Digital

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Published Date 08.11.2023

Well, well, well… look who’s accidentally stumbled into the limelight! That’s right, it’s us, Somebody Digital. In a turn of events that has left even our office plants in shock, we’ve been shortlisted for a whopping 16 categories at the UK Search Awards. And here we were, thinking we’d just get a participation certificate.

A Quick Peek at Somebody Digital (No Autographs, Please)

Better known as “The Agency with the Pug” (his name is Alan btw), we’re the target-smashing, AI-loving, multi-channel marketing specialists with roots in London but experts working all over the world.

We help our extensive range of clients smash their professional goals using our expertise across Paid Media, SEO, CRO, and Analytics, and it’s exactly this expertise that we’re thrilled to be recognised for at this year’s UK Search Awards.

SEO and PPC: Super Exciting Outcomes and Pretty Phenomenal Campaigns

The work we entered in the UK Search Awards covers both SEO and PPC and shows the breadth and depth of our capabilities as an agency. We’re fortunate to work with clients from around the world and across industries.

Laminar Security: We helped Laminar Security, a cloud data security company, create an integrated digital marketing campaign that was designed to drive more leads down the sales funnel. We produced high-quality content, including blog posts and video demos to reach the target audience at key moments in the sales cycle. Doing this not only increased leads in their pipeline but ultimately positioned them as a market leader in the DSPM industry.

Lofta: We helped Lofta, an at-home sleep apnea test provider, boost their online visibility and generate more leads through a PPC campaign that targeted high-intent keywords, and optimized ad spend efficiency to reduce wastage and increase conversions without seeing a drop in sales.

Revenera: We helped software business Revenera generate both awareness and education around their SBOM solution before it even hit the market. This meant starting from zero and generating landing pages, content, and leads to create a sales funnel for a product that was still in development, with impressive results.

Why we enter what we enter

It’s 10:30 pm on Friday 29 September and our team has just hit submit on 16/16 entries, after a taxing two weeks of prepping, reviewing, editing, revising, trashing, rehashing, and re-editing entries again and again.

What we feel about entering, once all is said and done, is relief, but the reason we enter is because we know that awards like this matter.

It’s all good and well to know that we do good work, but we understand that for our clients, and future clients, getting an external stamp of approval, like those granted by the UK Search Awards, means that they’re trusting their digital marketing efforts to winners.

It’s the sh*t when we’re shortlisted

Sure, we hit submit on 16 entries, but to become finalists for ALL 16 is an impressive feat. The virtual high-fives across our Slack channels could be heard from Columbia to Cape Town (yes, we’ve got agents working everywhere).

We feel so privileged and humbled to be finalists in this year’s UK Search Awards, and as always, we’re glad that Don’t Panic Events puts together these important occasions each year.

So while we celebrate being shortlisted, we’ve got our team members crossing their fingers and toes between work meetings and calls to make sure we win come 30 November. And between you and me, Alan the pug has his paws crossed too. We’re all buzzing with excitement, gearing up for the big day, and hoping to bring home the gold in 2023!

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