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Improve My Search Ranking Shortlisted for UK Search Awards

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Published Date 09.11.2023

It’s a moment of pure joy and a testament to the hard work over at Improve My Search Ranking Ltd. We’ve just been shortlisted for not one but two UK Search Awards: Best Local SEO Campaign and Best Low Budget SEO Campaign.

The recognition feels like a pat on the back for our team’s dedication and an affirmation of our effective SEO strategies that yield tangible results for our clients.

About Improve My Search Ranking Ltd

A nimble team of 12, we’ve carved out a space for ourselves in the competitive digital marketing landscape. Our approach is centered on delivering robust and profitable SEO strategies tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs.

With a spotlight on local SEO, we pride ourselves on crafting campaigns that don’t just attract clicks but drive genuine business growth.

Award-Nominated Campaign

Our campaign, for a training company, aimed to enhance their SEO revenue and elevate their local keyword performance across the UK. Our “Local SEO Profits” campaign’s ambitious targets included a 6-figure SEO revenue increase and a 300% keyword performance improvement.

Campaign Objectives and Budget

We demonstrated substantial returns and strategic wins for our efforts in elevating our client’s online presence and profitability. Let’s break down the allocation and outcomes of this investment:

Resource Allocation

Our strategy harnessed a combination of specialist SEO expertise and tactical implementation. With this investment, we were able to achieve the following:

  • SEO Revenue Surge: We successfully achieved a remarkable 6-figure increase in SEO revenue from January to September 2023. This marks a significant uptick and a testament to the efficacy of our targeted SEO initiatives.
  • Website Sales Uplift: Monthly sales on the website saw a notable climb, by approximately 40%. This improvement underscores our capability to enhance not just traffic but actual sales conversion rates.
  • National Reach Expansion: By actively promoting in key UK cities such as Bristol, Liverpool, and London, alongside over 100 additional locations, we broadened the business’s reach and recognition, capturing a more extensive customer base across the nation.

At Improve My Search Ranking, our core focus transcends mere traffic and ranking improvements. We aim to amplify your revenue, ensuring that increased traffic translates to tangible financial growth.

We pride ourselves on crafting immensely profitable SEO campaigns for a broad spectrum of businesses, from burgeoning enterprises to established national entities.

Our Strategy: Precision and Performance

When it came to reaching our target market, our SEO strategy was meticulously structured to resonate with their specific online behaviors and preferences. Here’s an outline of the methodical steps we took to ensure our content hit the mark and our technical adjustments made the user experience seamless.

In-Depth Keyword Research

Our starting point was exhaustive keyword research. We dug into the data, uncovering the most sought-after search terms related to training centre locations.

This laser-focused research guaranteed that we captured the attention of users exactly when they were searching for what we offer.

Optimized Local SEO

We didn’t just stop at general SEO improvements. Instead, we tailored our content to speak to professionals in numerous locales, fine-tuning page titles, descriptions, and the content itself to reflect the specifics of their regions. This wasn’t just about being seen—it was about being relevant.

Content Excellence

We then turned our eye to the existing content. Every page underwent a detailed audit, with underperforming content revamped or replaced to align with the high standards of our audience. Moreover, we invested in crafting new, authoritative content pieces that became resources for those in the industry.

Design That Converts

Knowing how critical a website’s design is for both attracting visitors and converting them, we advised on and implemented design changes that catered to a smoother user experience, particularly for those accessing the site via mobile devices.

Technical SEO Tweaks

Our technical SEO was not about reinventing the wheel but greasing it to spin smoother and faster. We tuned up the website’s engine, focusing on the core web vitals that make for a frictionless user experience and, importantly, met Google’s stringent requirements.

Through strategic adjustments and a continuous focus on the user experience, we’ve carved out a digital space that places our clients directly in front of their desired audience—without a single stone left unturned in our pursuit of SEO perfection.

Creative Implementation

Creativity met analytics as we optimized over landing pages, developed specialized pages for local and niche keywords, including initiating the launch of a foreign language section on the website – where we found untapped demand in the UK with foreign languages being searched fo in Google UK. Additionally, our creative zest shone through our newly designed landing pages and the integration of an intuitive FAQ section to bolster user experience.

Overcoming Challenges

Adversity sparked innovation when faced with stringent advertising guidelines from the training national governing body on the terminology allowed to be used. We adapted our SEO elements, enriching our content and exploring new avenues to boost user experience and SEO performance. A collaborative effort with the web design team also saw substantial design improvements that greatly benefited the site’s quality.

About Us

At Improve My Search Ranking, we’re more than just SEO; we’re about community and connection. We invite you to follow our journey and get in touch via our website and social channels:

Join us in celebrating this milestone. Here’s to the team’s brilliance, our client’s trust, and the exciting path that lies ahead. Being shortlisted for these prestigious awards, and hopefully be rewarded as one of London’s best SEO agencies again, is not the destination but another starting point for us to reach higher and achieve more!

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