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Mastering The Digital Maze: Outstanding Results for Elsons Tools

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Published Date 10.11.2023

In order to stand out and deliver results in the ever-changing world of digital marketing, businesses require a carefully considered strategy alongside a few healthy slices of hard work, creativity and determination. With that in mind, Derby-based digital marketing agency, The Digital Maze, brought their A game to the table to achieve outstanding results, including a whopping increase of nearly 700% in revenue for their client, Elsons Tools.

Founded in 2020, The Digital Maze is an award-winning digital marketing agency employing 30+ marketing professionals in the East Midlands area. We’re also the (very proud) parent group to several top regional agencies, including Boom Online Marketing and Frogspark, who have both been delivering digital marketing excellence since 2010. Using our unique blend of data, experience and creativity The Digital Maze helps brands to reveal their true potential, achieve their goals and succeed into the unknown.

The Challenge

Elsons Tools approached The Digital Maze with an existing Google Ads setup that was far from optimised. The challenge was twofold: a tight budget and a desire to achieve a ROAS (return on ad spend) between 3–5%. With a diverse product range and financial constraints, the path to success required a deep understanding of the client and their products, as well as plenty of creative analytical thinking from our team.

A Strategic Solution

We started by streamlining the Google Ads campaigns via the use of inventory filters, ensuring that products weren’t haphazardly or redundantly displayed across multiple campaigns. Collaborating closely with Elsons Tools, the PPC team identified and excluded product ranges with poor margins, low stock, or that were a low priority to the business, focusing instead on key products that aligned with the client’s goals.

Confident in these changes, our PPC team seamlessly transitioned to smart bidding, implementing a Target ROAS bidding strategy. The goal was clear: achieve a 20-33 ROAS. Nothing less would do.

Results That Speak Volumes

The implementation of these strategic changes led to some truly remarkable outcomes. The client’s primary goal of achieving a 20-33 ROAS was not just met but consistently exceeded for over 11 months! Further still, during busier, or peak, seasons, the results soared even higher!

And revenue also mirrored this success, witnessing an impressive improvement of nearly 700% for Q1 (year over year) for Elsons. At the risk of repeating ourselves: we didn’t just meet the client’s expectations; we exceeded them, showcasing the power of a well-thought out and expertly executed digital marketing strategy.

Let’s see those results in a little more detail:

  • +694% increase in revenue!
  • +439% increase in ROAS!

“The UK Search Awards nomination is an achievement that reflects the collective effort, strategic thinking, and dedicated commitment invested in optimising campaigns. I’m beyond proud of the PPC team for their unwavering dedication to excellence and their role in bringing our clients’ visions to life.”

– Irina Holliday, Head of PPC, The Digital Maze

For The Digital Maze, entering the UK Search Awards is not just about recognition; it’s a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise that our entire team brings to every project – a validation of their commitment to excellence in digital marketing. On a more personal note, it serves as a heartfelt thank-you to the PPC team; the driving force behind these truly outstanding achievements.

“Being shortlisted for the UK Search Awards is not just an achievement for us; it’s a celebration of our team’s collective effort and expertise. It motivates us to continue pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results for our clients.”  

– Pete Bingham, Growth Marketing Manager, The Digital Maze

The Digital Maze’s partnership with Elsons Tools embodies the core principles of effective digital marketing: strategic thinking, collaboration, and tangible results. Whatever the outcome of the awards, it’s clear that our hard work has made a lasting impact on our clients and their paths to digital marketing success.

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