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Reboot Online Shortlisted for Four UK Search Awards

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Published Date 13.11.2023

We’re delighted to be amongst the nominees for four awards at the 2023 UK Search Awards. As an SEO company with innovation and experimentation at its core, being nominated in four categories is a testament to what we have achieved for our clients. 

Our goal is to come out on top for: 

  • Best Use of Search – Finance (SEO, Large)
  • Most Innovative Campaign (SEO, Large)
  • Best Use of Data (SEO, Large)
  • Best Local Campaign (SEO, Large)

Staying at the forefront of our industry is hardwired into Reboot’s DNA. We are driven to continually break new ground in the digital marketing landscape.

Since being founded in 2015, our obsession with experimentation — we’ve conducted multiple SEO tests that challenge conventional wisdom — has allowed us to continuously refine our processes and stay ahead of competitors.

Our team of over 80 skilled specialists work in harmony to provide innovative SEO, digital PR, paid advertising, and social media marketing solutions. We take a comprehensive approach that drives real results across all facets of our clients’ businesses.

Victoria Affleck, Head of Content, says: 

“Our team is honoured to be nominated for four UK Search Awards. This recognition highlights the tireless efforts to produce engaging, insightful content that drives results for our clients. It reaffirms our dedication and ability to empower clients as an industry-leading content marketing agency.” 

Our Award Contenders

With four nominations under our belt, let’s take a look at the work up for awards. 

Best Use of Search – Finance (SEO, Large), Most Innovative Campaign (SEO, Large) and Best Use of Data (SEO, Large)

The shortlisted awards of Best Use of Search – Finance (SEO, Large), Most Innovative Campaign (SEO, Large) and Best Use of Data (SEO, Large) are for our hyper relevant link building service


Though the goals for hyper relevancy link building will differ from client to client, some of the main objectives are: 

  • Earn relevant backlinks through both manual outreach and organic pick-up.
  • Rank on page one for relevant keywords.
  • Drive E-E-A-T signals.
  • Earn SERP features like featured snippets and knowledge panels to drive extra impressions and clicks. 

A Winning Strategy 

Our hyper-relevant strategy is a multi-layered approach to boosting the relevancy of links sitewide through niche statistics-based on-site content. 

As a digital PR agency, we know the importance of gaining authoritative links from a broad variety of publications, but gaining links from hard-to-reach, niche industry publications is one surefire way to get ahead of the competition.

This strategy utilises the expertise of five departments: Content, Digital PR, SEO, Data and Graphic Design. These specialists collaborate to ideate campaign ideas, curate engaging primary datasets, and design on-brand data visualisations.

Once our clients have reviewed and approved the finished content, we provide a fully-fledged internal linking strategy to maximise exposure across their sites.

Unbeatable Results 

Our hyper-relevant content outranks authoritative sites such as, ONS, and Statista for many high-traffic keywords.

We continually see impressive results from each project we do in this service, from ranking in position one for hundreds of target keywords and earning numerous SERP features to steadily increasing the number of referring domains to our client’s sites. 

Best Local Campaign (SEO, Large)

The fourth nomination comes from our campaign driving SEO growth for a London-based hair salon. 


The client came to us for our local SEO services with the initial objective to simply to increase organic rankings for focus keywords. However, after thorough conversations, we concluded that the objectives were really to increase leads and bookings with SEO.

The final objectives were:

  • Increase interactions (phone calls, bookings etc.) on the brand’s Google Business Profile (GBP).
  • Improve page one rankings for focus keywords.
  • Earn backlinks from websites in hair, beauty and lifestyle space.
  • Increase organic clicks.

A Game-Changing Strategy

We had two audiences which covered our SEO and link-building objectives:

  • The primary audience was women between 18 and 65 looking for hair and beauty treatments in the area.
  • Our link-building audience was journalists writing for websites in the hair, beauty and lifestyle space. 

To reach the primary target audience, we would rank the client’s website top for local keywords. We did this by:

  • Fixing SEO issues preventing search engines from crawling and indexing the website efficiently.
  • Improving the on-site optimisation of the website.
  • Enhancing UX and engagement signals.
  • Building off-site authority by earning backlinks from high-authority websites.

Our strategy to reach journalists within our client’s sector was to create and collate datasets that we could craft into compelling stories. 

We also jumped on hair and beauty trends by finding relevant data angles and outreaching to journalists already writing about those trends.

Results Against Objectives

  • Objective 1: Increase GBP interactions. They went from 618 interactions to 735 in just two months.
  • Objective 2: Improve page one keyword rankings for the focus keywords. The client’s site is now ranking in the top three for five focus keywords with a monthly search volume of 3,110.
  • Objective 3: Earn backlinks from websites in hair, beauty and lifestyle space. We earned 29 links from websites with an average DR of 58.
  • Objective 4: Increase clicks to the website. The client went from 300 clicks to 419 in two months.

Team Testimonials

Oliver Sissons, SEO Director: 

“Is is great to see Reboot nominated for so many of the UK Search Awards, and we love to see our campaigns and fantastic clients getting the attention that they deserve. The whole team this side are working hard to deliver innovative campaigns that drive meaningful results, and we’re fortunate to work with a range of clients who help us do exactly that. 

“The UK Search Awards in particular is one we’re especially proud to be involved with, given the esteem that they hold throughout the industry.”

Sean Rainforth, Content Specialist: 

“These nominations are a product of seamless collaboration across our teams. Meticulous planning by our SEOs, expert data analysis, visually engaging designs, and the tenacious outreach efforts of our digital PR team all come together.”

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